Green Is Not A Colour

By Devan Valenti & Simon Atlas
Published by Lightning Lab

Green Is Not A Colour(click to view pages)

Environmental Issues Every Generation Needs To Know

Green is not a Colour provides readers with a highly informative and visually stunning exploration into the wide range of environmental issues that face our world today. Added to this, the book also explores the innovative and exciting technologies and practices both available and in development that are providing solutions to these challenges. If education indeed holds the key to our future, then environmental education can be considered one of the most important and relevant needs of our day. By immersing yourself in the pages of this book you will develop a clear and well grounded understanding of these increasingly important issues and the ways in which the are shaping the world around us.

The book contains 370 pages of fully illustrated pages with amazing photos, quotes and interesting facts. The book is pretend on PFC sustainably forested paper.

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Some of the important questions covered include:

  • What is global warming and climate change?
  • When will fossil fuels run out?
  • What is the relationship between globalisation and transport?
  • Are we consuming more than the planet can provide?
  • Are there better ways to design, manufacture and use products?
  • Do cities hold the key to sustainability?

‘Amazingly readable and comprehensively reveals the true facts about sustainability. If you are looking to get down to the fundamentals of these increasingly relevant issues, you are in for an amazing journey.’

– Ricky Tsui, Director of R&D, Arup East Asia

Branding Green Is Not A Colour

The book can be branded with a company’s logo and details and makes an ideal gift for conferences, international visitors and relcoating staff for companies to promote their brand. Find out more on our Branding page.